Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mystery to Me: New Madison, WI Mystery Bookstore

A new bookstore, Mystery to Me, Madison, WI, opened last weekend. Joanne Berg bought Booked for Murder's inventory and shelving last February. According to The Isthmus,  "Mystery to Me won't be quite as odd and esoteric as Booked, but by sleuthing some of the challenges the old shop faced, Berg may have uncovered the key to independent bookselling in Madison."

According to ShelfAwareness:

Mystery to Me features bright-green paint, which "makes the store feel more sleek and less kooky than the cheerfully messy Booked for Murder," the paper wrote. "Whereas Booked featured a faux-antique radio set playing big-band music, Mystery to Me has a flat-screen TV mounted on a wall. Berg plans to use it to connect with authors over Skype."

Mystery to Me will partner with the nearby public library branch, which may hold events at the store.

Mystery to Me is adding sections for young and YA readers. For adults, the inventory is now arranged alphabetically, with separate sections only for new arrivals and signed copies.

Mystery to Me will order any book, mystery or not, and for a time, each purchase at the store comes with a free "mystery book" wrapped in white paper.

Read more about Joanne Berg and her ideas for the new bookstore HERE.

Facebook page for Mystery and Me


Priscilla said...

Time for another conference in Madison... It also has a fab farmer's market.

Linda said...

Hooray! So glad to hear another independent bookstore opening!