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Mystery Readers Journal: Medical Mysteries

The latest issue of the Mystery Readers Journal: Medical Mysteries (Volume 29:4) is available as a PDFHardcopy to follow.

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Medical Mysteries
Volume 29, No. 4, Winter 2013-14
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  • Married to a Mystery by Claire Applewhite
  • My Days of Medicine and Murder by John Burley
  • Medicare Fraud Leads to Murder by Chester Campbell
  • DNA: The True Pandora's Box by Janie Chodosh
  • E.R. Meets Agatha Christie by Peter Clement
  • Every Doctor Is a Storyteller by Leonard Goldberg, MD
  • When We Are Most Vulnerable by Patricia Gussin
  • The Rest of the Story: On Physicians and Other Biologists Who Become Writers by J. L. Greger
  • Medical Mysteries! Isn't Thinking About That Enough To Put You Into a Cold Sweat? by Bev Irwin
  • About Strange Bird: The Plot, the Questions It Poses, and My Own Personal History by Anna Jansson
  • Storytelling With a Dose of Science by Lydia Kang
  • Wimps Don't Write Medical Thrillers by J.J. Lamb & Bette Golden Lamb
  • Controlling Chaos by CJ Lyons
  • To Be a Crime Writer—Nature or Nurture? by Priscilla Masters
  • An Unnatural Profession by Cuyler Overholt
  • When the Unthinkable Happened by Kira Peikoff
  • Sinners Among the Angels: How Criminals Spin Their Mischief in the British Health Service by Andrew Puckett
  • Expert Witness by Lynne Raimondo
  • Five Razor Cuts by Ryn Pitts
  • The Pen is Mightier than the Stethoscope by Linda Reid & Deborah Shlian
  • A Rallying Cry for Hope by Susan Arnout Smith
  • Morgue Date, Anyone? by Laurie Stevens
  • A 19th Century Medical Mystery Series by Eleanor Sullivan
  • A Primer for Identifying Bodies by Mike Tabor
  • Got Stress? Author, Heal Thyself! by Nancy Tesler
  • Digging Up Dead Doctors by E.J. Wagner
  • Two Doctors: Ben Candidi, PhD, and Rebecca Levis, MD by Dirk Wyle
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Gay Kinman, Sandie Herron, Jane Mattisson, L.J. Roberts
  • Children's Hour: Medical Mysteries by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • In Short: Good and Bad Medicine by Marv Lachman
  • Crime Seen: Medical Examiners by Kate Derie
  • Stranger Than Fiction: Real Medical Mysteries by Cathy Pickens
  • From the Editor's Desk by Janet Rudolph

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