Thursday, September 24, 2015

BBC Creating Netflix-Style Streaming Site

Here's some great news for BBC fans!

It’s always been a tricky task to watch some of Britain’s best television unless it got picked up by Masterpiece Theater. But the international borders of broadcasting are somewhat eroded by the news that the BBC plans to launch a Netflix-style streaming service offering programming past and present. Some of its most popular shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, which already air in this country, won’t be included, but there’s plenty more to watch: Few networks around the world can boast the kind of back catalogue the BBC has.

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Unknown said...

I am surprised that when British TV is discussed, no one ever mentions Acorn TV. It is a streaming service that has only British, Australian, and some New Zealand shows. Very reasonable monthly fees, and many exclusive shows available.

Janet Rudolph said...

Hi, Patricia, I love Acorn TV, and I always post the latest offerings here on Mystery Fanfare. Just saw the first two episodes of Doc Martin, Series 7, that will start on Acorn TV next month.

ancestersearcher said...

I second Patricia's comments. Acorn TV is hard to beat--great offerings at a great value monthly fee.