Sunday, September 6, 2015

Warren Murphy: R.I.P.

Sad news.  Warren Murphy passed away Friday, September 4. Born in 1933, Warren Murphy was an author, mentor, and teacher to generations of writers. He was the author of several mysteries, including being co-creator with Richard Sapir of The Destroyer series. A screenwriter (Lethal Weapon II, The Eiger Sanction), as well as a novelist, he won multiple Edgars and Shamus awards. His novel, Bloodline, will be out from Tor this year.

The novels The New Destroyer: Guardian Angel and The New Destroyer: Choke Hold were both identified as Bruce Grossman of Bookgasm's 10 best crime novels of 2007. Ceiling of Hell won the 1985 Shamus Award for Best Original Private Eye Paperback  His 1999 short story, "Another Day, Another Dollar", won the Best Short Story Shamus award.  Grandmaster won the 1985 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original Mystery Novel. His novel Trace: Too Old a Cat was nominated for Best Paperback Original at the 1987 Anthony Awards and the Shamus Awards of the same year. Smoked Out was nominated in this category in 1983, Trace in 1984 (along with a 1983 Edgar Award nomination), Trace and 47 Miles of Rope in 1985, Trace: Pigs Get Fat in 1986 (along with a 1986 Edgar Award nomination); and Trace: Too Old a Cat in 1987. 

Read his son's comments on Warren's website here:

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