Thursday, February 25, 2016

Killer Nashville Announces 2016 John Seigenthaler Legends Award

Killer Nashville announced Robert J. Randisi as the recipient of the 2016 Killer Nashville John Seigenthaler Legends Award. An exceptionally prolific author—Randisi has written over 650 novels in the western, mystery, sci-fi, horror, and spy genres, under different pseudonyms—Randisi’s dedication to the craft is rivaled only by his passion for advocating, encouraging, and featuring other genre writers.

He has edited over 30 short-story anthologies, collections in which numerous authors found their first breaks. His willingness to share professional insights led him to serve as co-founder and editor of Mystery Scene magazine. His desire to highlight new talent birthed another of his brainchildren, the now-coveted Shamus Award. And in founding The Private Eye Writers of America, and co-founding the American Crime Writers League, he not only raised the bar for multiple genres, but also demonstrated the legitimacy of crime writers by showing that they were not sensationalists, but real writers addressing real problems. 

Congratulations, Bob!

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Dana King said...

Bob's old school in the tradition of the great prolific pulp writers. His devotion to PWA is also noteworthy and is an inspiration. This is well-deserved recognition for a man who is not a self-promoter. Kudos to all involved.