Friday, February 26, 2016

Stuart Pawson: R.I.P.

Stuart Pawson: R.I.P. 

Pawson was the author of the Detective Inspector Charlie Priest series, set in the Yorkshire district. Stuart Pawson was a member of the Murder Squad which is a group of seven crime writers from the North of England. 

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Anonymous said...

Used to work with Stuart at the Area Headquarters Allerton Bywayer. Ive read his books and loved them

Unknown said...

I have been introduced to the fascinating world, and writings of Stuart Pawson by his nephew Phil Gibson. My only regret: i never got to meet this remarkable gentleman. His writing is somewhat genius, consisting of wit , humour, and the dark world of crime. He has a sharp edge and is one hell of a storyteller.
I,m a fan of his work, and proud he has put Yorkshire on the map.
I hope many will read his books in future generations.
A unique Yorkshire writer. A must read!!!