Monday, May 1, 2017

Midwest Mysteries: Mystery Readers Journal (33:1)

The lastest issue of Mystery Readers Journal: Midwestern Mysteries is now available. Check out the Table of Contents and links below. Great articles and reviews by and about your favorite authors. We had so many articles that we increased the size of this issue to 110 pages! Same cost. Same quality. Different binding (but same size). Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this such a terrific issue.

MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL: Midwestern Mysteries (Volume 33:1)

Buy this back issue! Available in hardcopy or as a downloadable PDF.

  • Big Cities Have Nothing on The Mysterious Midwest by Lori Rader-Day
  • What I Know by Sandra Balzo
  • Country (Midwestern) Music by Claire Booth
  • A Forest of Trees, a Murder of Crows, and a Few Dead Bodies by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli
  • Lessons From Limestone by P.M. Carlson
  • Homicide in the Hoosier Heartland by Sally Carpenter
  • Horses and Humor and Mystery, Oh My! by Candace Carrabus
  • Homicide and Havoc Midwestern Style by Jessie Chandler
  • The Joys and Perils of Writing Cozy Murder Mysteries by Kate Collins
  • The Midwest—It’s all About the Vibe by Casey Daniels
  • Power of the Midwest by Jo Dereske
  • On Taking Risks by Karen Dionne
  • Call Me “Birder Murder Mama”… Please! by Jan Dunlap
  • The Cottage by Brian Freeman
  • From Oh, Ya, You Betcha to Dem Guys Over Dere: How to Write Midwestern by Shane Gericke
  • Ohio’s Amish Country—The Far Back End of Nowhere by P.L. Gaus
  • Skull and Crossroads by Chuck Greaves
  • Starvation Lake Isn’t a Memoir, Except… by Bryan Gruley
  • My Nephew, the Chief by Elizabeth Gunn
  • The Ohio Connection by Karen Harper
  • Midwestern Roots by Russell Hill
  • A Year and Change in a Game Warden’s Truck by Joseph Heywood
  • When the State is a Character by Charlotte Hinger
  • Don’t Believe Everything You Read by David Housewright
  • On Writing Midwest Mysteries by Victoria Houston
  • From Ayuh to Uff-Da by Maddy Hunter
  • My Life and My Books by Christine Husom
  • Small Towns by Sofie Kelly
  • Home: It’s That Simple by William Kent Krueger
  • Heiress Slain… Body Found in Road After Drinking Party… Married Man Held by Georgia Jeffries
  • Archaeology and Mystery in the Midwest: Digging into the Past… Can Lead to Trouble! by Steven Kuehn
  • Midwesterner in Exile by K.A. Laity
  • Resorting to Murder by Gail Lukasik
  • Give Me Land, Lots of Land… by Adrian Magson
  • Chicago as a Setting for Historical Mysteries by Frances McNamara
  • The Lou and Me by Paul D. Marks
  • Crime with a Twist in Dayton, Ohio by M. Ruth Myers
  • Suburbia Is Murder by Leslie Nagel
  • The Exotic Midwest by Nancy Pickard
  • Writing a Place With Grit, Not Glamour by D.M. Pulley
  • Making Michigan Mysterious by Lev Raphael
  • Milwaukee—the “Other” City on Lake Michigan by Nanci Rathbun
  • Home Is Where You Choose to Live by Les Roberts
  • Minnesota—You Betcha! by Barbara Schlichting
  • The Lake Effect by Elizabeth Sims
  • Cleveland: Drownings, Ghosts, and Rock and Roll by B.K. Stevens
  • North Dakota: The Birthplace of Marjorie Trumaine by Larry D. Sweazy
  • Mysteries of a Midwestern Mindset by Sally Wright
  • My Lifelong Love Affair with the Ohio River Valley by Robin Yocum
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Sandie Herron, Lesa Holstine, L.J. Roberts, and Judith Overmier
  • The Children’s Hour: Midwest Mysteries by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • Real Midwestern Mysteries by Cathy Pickens
  • Corn Belt Cops by Jim Doherty
  • In Short: In the Midst of Midwest Mysteries by Marvin Lachman
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet Rudolph


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Mine arrive today. Thanks.

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So glad, Gary! Enjoy!