Monday, September 25, 2017

Mystery Week Returns: MWA NorCal

Mystery Week returns!  October 14-20, 2017!

Six days’ events (it’s a mystery, what happened to the Friday…) celebrating the work of MWA NorCal, throughout the chapter area.

Saturday, October 14
5-6 PM
Noir at the Bar
Latin American Club
3286 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA
Cara Black, Tony Broadbent, Jerry Kennealy, Laurie R. King, Ellen Kirschman, Kelli Stanley & Jacqueline Winspear

Sunday, October 15
2-4 PM
Fact and Fiction in Mysteries: The Challenge of Research
Castro Valley Public Library
Castro Valley, CA
Janet Dawson, Jim Guigli, Camille Minichino, Judith Overmier & Ann Parker

Monday, October 16
7-8:30 PM
Motives for Murder: Mystery Writers Plotting the Perfect Crime
Santa Clara Public Library
Santa Clara, CA
Susan Bickford, John Billheimer, Ellen Kirschman, Robin Stuart & Susan Wolfe

Tuesday, October 17
6-8 PM
Bad Guys, Scary Stuff, and Why We Write About Them
Davis Public Library
Davis, CA
Michael Cooper, Rae James (R.F. James), Catriona McPherson, Beth McMullen & Eileen Rendahl

Wednesday, October 18
6-8 PM
Crime Does Not Pay… Enough! MWA NorCal, Yesterday and Today
Morrison Library (UC Berkeley)
Berkeley, CA
Randal Brandt, Laurie R. King, Sheldon Siegel & Kelli Stanley
Kindly RSVP if you’re thinking of attending, here.

Thursday, October 19
6-7:30 PM
Entertainment With an Edge: The Suspense in Mystery Writing
Santa Cruz Public Library
Santa Cruz, CA
John Burley, Heather Haven, Katherine Hyde, Laurie R. King & Gigi Pandian

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