Thursday, March 1, 2018

Murder at the Oscars: Crime Fiction and True Crime at the Academy Awards

Just in time for the Academy Awards, here's my Murder at the Oscars list! These mysteries take place during the Academy Awards or the time period surrounding the Oscars! Please let me know if I'm missing any titles.

Murder is not the only crime surrounding the Oscars. Read this article in Vanity Fair about 6 Amazing Oscar Heists!


Tight Shot by Kevin Allman
Best Murder on the Year by Jon P. Bloch
Screenscam by Michael Bowen
Murder at the Academy Awards by Joe Hyams
Best Actress by John Kane
Oscar Season by Mary McNamara
Murder at the Academy Awards by Joan Rivers and Jerrilyn Farmer
Jack Hightower by Will Vinton & Andrew Wiese

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1 comment:

Christopher said...

Are there any stories where an Oscar statuette is used as a murder weapon?

I know that in the second season of "Veronica Mars," an Oscar is used as a red herring murder weapon, but I don't know of any other instances.