Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Sad news. Sally Wright, Edgar award-nominated author, passed away in mid-June. Sally Wright has studied rare books, falconry, early explorers, painting restoration, WWII Tech-Teams, the Venona Code, and much more, to write her university-archivist-ex-WWII-Ranger books about Ben Reese, who’s based on a real person.

Breeding Ground, Wright’s most recent novel, is the first in her Jo Grant mystery series, which has to do with the horse industry in Lexington, Kentucky.

I was lucky to meet Sally several times, and she came to Berkeley for a Literary Salon. So much fun and so informative. We corresponded over the years, and she contributed to the Mystery Readers Journal, as well as Mystery Fanfare.

She will be missed.

The Art of Looking Back (Mystery Fanfare; July 27, 2016)

Sally Wright Tries to Learn What Ben Reese Would Know about Art (Mystery Readers Journal, Art Mysteries: Winter 2005)

Bloodshed Behind the Lines: (Mystery Readers Journal: Murder in Wartime, Summer 2017)

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Dana King said...

Sally was the first "real" writer I met when I was starting out. She spoke at the local library and suggested I get in touch with her agent at the time, the late Pam Strickler. Pam and I worked together for a couple of years, getting close to a sale, until we parted amicably when I chose to take the series in a different direction. I learned a LOT about writing from her, and I always appreciated Sally's patience and grace in talking with me that evening. She was a class act.