Thursday, April 11, 2019


Today is National Bookmobile Day! What a great source of library outreach. I've posted several photos of Bookmobiles before, but thought in honor of the day, I'd post a few more!

National Bookmobile Day celebrates our nation's bookmobiles and the dedicated library professionals who provide this valuable and essential service to their communities every day. We honor the access to information and resources our nation’s bookmobiles make available to our communities and the professionals who work diligently to provide these services. For over 100 years bookmobiles have brought a library to those who otherwise may not have access to one.

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Donna S said...

Hi Janet:
Oh boy! I must be getting old because I certainly remember the book-mobile coming around when I was growing up. I did not live in the country but in the far out suburbs and it came every three weeks. We were only allowed to take out 3 books at a time which I would have read long before they came back so my Mom would take out three for me so I had six!
Thanks so much for the memories.
Donna in Ontario, Canada