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Mystery Readers Journal: Cold Case Mysteries (37:4): Winter 2021/2022

Mystery Readers Journal: Cold Case Mysteries (Volume 37:4// Winter 2021/2022) is now available as PDF and hardcopy. If you're a PDF subscriber, you will receive download instructions shortly. Hard copy subscription copies should arrive later this week. PDF Contributor copies will go out tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue.

Cold Case Mysteries

Mystery Readers Journal: Volume 37, No. 4, Winter 2021/2022

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  • The Warm Heart of the Cold Case by Rona Bell
  • Chandler’s Legacy: A Cold Case That’s Still Hot by Sean Day
  • Just What Is a Cold Case? by Sandra Murphy
  • Val McDermid’s Cold Case Series: Karen Pirie by Chris Stuart


  • The Lover’s Lane Bandit by J. L. Abramo
  • The Amato Family Murder Mystery by Carmen Amato
  • Cold Cases and the Human Connection by Nicole Baart
  • What’s the Weight of a Cold Case? by Dr. Charley Barnes
  • Even If You Can’t Solve a Cold Case, You Can Make Up an Ending… by R.G. Belsky
  • Cold Cases and Ancient History? by Albert Bell
  • Heating Up a Cozy Series With a Cold Case by Leslie Budewitz
  • Cold Cases and Deep Waters by Martin Edwards
  • True Crime and the Fiction Writer by Eve Elliot
  • Cold Case in a Cold Land by R.E. Donald
  • Old Crimes that Tie into New Ones by Kathy Lynn Emerson
  • Solving Cold Cases in Fiction by Laurie Fagen
  • Blowing the Dust Off by Kate Fellowes
  • Why I Hate Serial Killers by Eve Fisher
  • Help Me! by Russell Hill
  • A Lifetime Ago by Marni Graff
  • The Adventures of Writing a Cold Case Cozy by Nancy Jarvis
  • What A Cold Case Taught Me About Mysteries by Stephanie Kane
  • The Coldest Cases Are Solved (Incorrectly) by Ron Katz
  • A Snitch in Time by James L’Etoile
  • Out of the Past: When Cold Cases Meet Old Books by Jeffrey J. Mariotte
  • Writing a Mystery with a History by Marilyn Levinson
  • Striking Range: Tracking the Elusive Cold Case Killer by Margaret Mizushima
  • Fact + Fiction: Personal Experience and True Crime Inspire a Mystery Novel by Marcy McCreary
  • Cylinder Seals, the Bronze Age Rubber Stamp by M.A. Monnin
  • Why Cold Cases? by Amy Myers
  • Genealogy and Cold Cases: A Perfect Mystery Match by S. C. Perkins
  • An Old San Francisco Mystery Is Unburied, and Inspiration Strikes by Ann Parker
  • A Network of Friends by Neil S. Plakcy
  • Three Questions by Lissa Marie Redmond
  • Whatever Happened to Baby Alice Spenser? by Martha Reed
  • The Marketville Mysteries: Cold Case Cozies by Judy Penz Sheluk
  • Life After the Badge by Danny R. Smith
  • I Leave a Trail of Whack-Jobs in My Wake by Gabrielle St. George
  • Who Killed Jane Stanford? A Gilded Age Tale of Murder, Deceit, Spirits, and the Birth of a University by Richard White
  • Covering a Cold Case in Facts and Fiction by Andrew Welsh-Huggins
  • Too Cold to Touch? Poe and the Girl Behind the Wall by Bruce Wetterau
  • Cold Case, Aloha Style by Steve Zettler


  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Lesa Holstine, Roberta Rood, Lucinda Surber, Alison McMahan
  • Children’s Hour: Cold Cases by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • Crime Seen: Cases That Come In From the Cold by Kate Derie
  • Real Cold Cases by Cathy Pickens
  • Just the Facts: Frank Hamer—Cold Case Detective by Jim Doherty
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph


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