Saturday, January 23, 2021


More sad news. Historical fiction writer Sharon Key Penman passed away yesterday. Sharon Kay Penman was the author of nine critically acclaimed historical novels: The Sunne in Splendour, Here be Dragons, Falls the Shadow, The Reckoning, When Christ and his Saints Slept, Time and ChanceDevil’s Brood, Lionheart, and A King’s Ransom. Her tenth historical novel, The Land Beyond the Sea, was published in March of 2020. She also wrote four medieval mysteries. Her first was The Queen’s Man, the queen in question being Eleanor of Aquitaine, a finalist for an Edgar Award for Best First Mystery from the Mystery Writers of America. Her other mysteries: Cruel as the Grave, Dragon’s Lair, and Prince of Darkness.

Her good friend and fellow historical mystery author Priscilla Royal wrote this (reprinted with permission):

Sad news. Sharon Kay Penman died in her sleep at 6AM today. For months, she had suffered poor health but only recently was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Her end came quickly. She was at peace with that. By any spiritual standard, she was one of the truly good people with her compassion and charity. She even humanely trapped house mice to release into a nearby forest. Her books qualify as historical fiction classics with her beautiful prose and epic storytelling. I often told her she must be descended from a Welsh bard. Through her work, she will always be with us and that is how she would want to live on. But we shall still mourn.


Priscilla said...


momrobare said...

I am devestated to hear this news for the first time today. I knew she had back problems but had no idea that she was dealing with more than that.

She is the first author who actually answered one of my letters. She is also the only author I ever won a signed book from. She was always so friendly.

I am sad that I can no longer look forward to more books from this lovely terrific author.

My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Helen R. Robare

Unknown said...

I am greatly saddened to learn Sharon Penman has died. She was far and away my favorite author. My heartfelt prayers go out to her family.

Raphael said...

Rest in God's Peace, dear Lady➕
I came late to your brilliant books...18 months ago...and couldn't get enough of them. What a valuable contribution you made to human historical knowledge! What
a Shining Star! I feel our loss at your departure from this earthly realm very deeply. My hope is that we will meet you in Heaven, along with all those people you introduced to us in your wonderful books. Sincere Sympathy and Condolences to the Penman Family and Friends 🌹➕🌹❣😪