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Historical Mysteries I: Mystery Readers Journal (37:1)

Mystery Readers Journal: Historical Mysteries I (Volume 37:1// Winter 2020-2021) is available as a PDF and hardcopy. If you're a PDF subscriber, you should have received download instructions. Hard copy subscription copies should arrive this week. PDF Contributor Copies went out yesterday. Don't forget, we'll be having a second issue of this great theme: Historical Mysteries II (37:2) this summer. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue. If you don't see your article, it will be in Historical Mysteries II.

Historical Mysteries I

Volume 37, No. 1, Spring 2021

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  • The Journey to the Rajah and Dangerous Women by Hope Adams
  • Writing Historical Mysteries: Opening a Door to the Past by Marty Ambrose
  • Going Back—Way Back—in History to Write a “What If” Mystery by Gray Basnight
  • “And Then I Wrote… ” by Albert Bell
  • A Devoted Bookworm Reveals All by Cordelia Frances Biddle
  • Why I Write Historical Mystery by Rhys Bowen
  • Historical Mysteries: Character at the Heart of Solving a Mystery by Mary F. Burns
  • The Allure of Mysterious Objects by Susanna Calkins
  • It May Have Happened, It May Not Have Happened; But It Could Have Happened by Donis Casey
  • Getting it Right: Why Research Is So Important When Writing Historical Novels by Janet Dawson
  • The Personal Side of Historical Fiction: The Cooper Vietnam Era Quartet by D. Z. Church
  • Finding Emotional Authenticity in Historical Fiction by John Copenhaver
  • Where in the World Is the Heart of King Robert Bruce? Mystery at the Great Divide by Michael Cooper
  • Real Time and Imaginary People by Lynn Downey
  • Changing Places by Carola Dunn
  • Reinventing the Golden Age in Gallows Court and Mortmain Hall by Martin Edwards
  • The Ultimate Unreliable Narrator by Cecilia Ekbäck
  • Women in Prison by Kathy Lynn Emerson
  • Mysteries Can Teach the Past—and Speak Timeless Truths by Charles Fergus
  • An Era of Mystery by Dianne Freeman
  • The Jekyll and Hyde Duality of Wartime Britain by Stephanie Graves
  • Me and My Tribe: Why I Adopted a Family of Neanderthals and Had to Tell You About Them by Kaye George
  • The Contents of the Cauldron by Elsa Hart
  • Tainted Testimony by Russell Hill
  • When History Rewrites Itself by David Housewright
  • Yesterday… All Our Troubles Seemed So Far Away… by Steve Hockensmith
  • Where’s the Mystery in History? by Michael Jecks
  • Wolves, Castles and Research by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • I Guess Faulkner Was Right by Abigail Keam
  • History and the Active Reader by Larry Maness
  • Pumping Up a Past to Forge a Future, or, How I Invented a History for “Came A Horseman” by Paul McHugh
  • There’s Nothing Historical About History by Bruno Morchio
  • Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell
  • How to Be a Historian by Sharan Newman
  • Crimes of Fashion by Renee Patrick
  • Storytelling and Historytelling by Ben Pastor
  • Explorers by David Rich
  • History? Yawn… by Priscilla Royal
  • Passing Muster: When Historians Vetted Our Historical Thriller by Michael H. Rubin
  • Quo Vadis, Mr. Saylor? by Steven Saylor
  • A Little Truth or Two About Murder by Caroline Todd
  • Hit & Myth by Marilyn Todd
  • A Personal Historical Murder Mystery by Paul Vidich
  • History, The Art of the Backward Glance by Gabriel Valjan
  • On Ending a Series by Jeri Westerson
  • Was Edgar Allan Poe Guilty of Murder? by Bruce Wetterau
  • Some Thoughts on Writing Ye Olde Historical Fiction by N. S. Wikarski
  • Poppy Flowers at the Front by Jon Wilkins


  • Thomas Pynchon’s Take on 1970s California Noir by Sean Day
  • Crimes of Authority in Pious 19th Century Poland by Jay Gertzman


  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Lesa Holstine, L.J. Roberts, Jack Bates, Lucinda Surber
  • Just the Facts: History’s First Detectives by Jim Doherty
  • Children’s Hour: Historical Mysteries by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • Crime Seen: History on “Mystery!” by Kate Derie
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph


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