Wednesday, August 4, 2021


After much deliberation but with the safety and health of attendees in mind,  Bouchercon organizers cancelled this year's Bouchercon in New Orleans. Hats Off to the chairs, Mike Bursaw, Connie Perry, and Heather Graham, to the committee, and to all the volunteers for their dedication and hard work over these many past years.  As someone who has served on several Bouchercon committees, I know how much work it is, but we all do it because we love Bouchercon--a place where we meet every year to share with old friends and new ones our love of mysteries. The good news is that Bouchercon will be held in New Orleans in 2025.

A virtual Bouchercon at this late date is untenable. However, there will be an Anthony Awards ballot sent to those registered attendees (as of July1) and an Anthony Awards ceremony will take place at a future date.

 The Guests of Honor will remain the same in 2025!

Here's the full Announcement from the Bouchercon organizers: Thank you all.


Betty T said...

What a shame, but it’s the best decision.

Priscilla said...

So sad for all the volunteers who worked so hard for so long on this. With much appreciation to all! And especial thanks to all working on the conference who had to make that hard decision to put safety first.

Richard Goutal said...

Smart. We are learning. An early decision is better than a forced decision at the end of the first day! Maybe we are not doomed to repeat history.