Sunday, November 14, 2021


Agatha Raisin News! Agatha Raisin will have a season 4 consisting of 4 episodes. There will be a new episode in 2021, along with three more in 2022. All will be on AcornTV.

Like the third season, season 4 will adapt four of the late M.C. Beaton's novels in four 90-minute episodes.

  • “Kissing Christmas Goodbye” – With business booming for Agatha Raisin's Detective Agency, she’s in need of a well-earned break. With Christmas just around the corner, it looks like the perfect opportunity to relax. However, when she receives a letter from an old lady begging for protection, Agatha can’t help but spring into action.
  • “Love, Lies and Liquor” – James has finally returned to Carsley and promised to whisk Agatha away on holiday where she can help him write his next novel. Agatha’s dreams of the French Riviera quickly fade when she finds herself in Snoth-on-Sea, a seaside resort whose glory days are far behind it. When a hotel guest is found murdered, it’s up to Agatha to prove who the killer is.
  • “A Spoonful of Poison” – The competition to be crowned winner of the Carsley Jam-Off has always been fierce, but when the prize jam is poisoned leading to the death of a judge, things may finally have gone a step too far. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Agatha resolves to restore the
  • competition’s name.
  • “There Goes The Bride” – Agatha reluctantly promises to support James by attending his wedding. However, when a body is found during the morning of the big day, it’s up to Agatha and the gang to come to the rescue.

The TV adaptations are very different from the books, so even though some fans say the “feel” isn't quite the same in the new books, it seems likely the latest TV series will still feel pretty similar to previous TV adaptations.

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