Tuesday, August 16, 2022


I've started a new feature on Mystery Fanfare: Foodie Fridays. 

So many authors feature food in their mysteries for so many different reasons. Some authors include recipes, some feature culinary professionals, and still others use food to further the plot. And, some authors just love to cook! So I'm inviting mystery authors to submit a Guest Post about their 'culinary' experiences and mysteries for Foodie Fridays

Call for Guest Posts: Articles should be 500-1000 words, first person, about yourself, your books, and any "Foodie Connection." Be sure and include a title and 2-3 sentence bio and a photo of you and/or your mystery. You can focus on writing, research, your inspiration, a recipe, your cat, your life. Whatever you'd like to share with readers and other writers about food. 

Deadline: Whatever works for you. I've started a Friday cue!

And to start this feature off,  Jennifer Chow sent a post on Spicy Cucumber Salad Memories last Friday.

Interested? Send a query to me at janet @ mysteryreaders .  org

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