Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Val McDermid's Karen Pirie coming to the small screen!

Update: BritBox has bought the show. 

Val McDermid's Karen Pirie is being turned into a TV series. The first 3 feature-length episodes are adapted from the first novel in the 6 book series, The Distant Echo. The show will star Lauren Lyle as Karen Pirie. The production company is World Productions that has produced such great shows as Line of Duty and Bodyguard. Val McDermid is among the co-producers, as is Emer Kenny who adapted the novel's text for television and plays River Wilde, Karen's friend, in the show.  

Can't wait! The show will be aired in September in the UK, and I'll let you know when and if it will be shown in the U.S. And, hopefully some of the other books will be turned into a series.

In the meantime, if you haven't read the Karen Pirie series, get on it. You'll love these books. Great sense of place, terrific characters, superb writing, well structured mysteries. Val McDermid is the best! 

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