Saturday, December 24, 2022


I have a softspot for Typewriters. I don't collect typewriters (no space or I would), but I do take photos of them.. and occasionally post here on Mystery Fanfare. I also love Retro Ads, so here's the marriage of both... retro typewriter advertisements for the holidays!

The Typewriter: Perfect gift for Christmas from the 1920s through the 1970s. Happy Holidays!


KimHaysBern said...

1975: Memories up typing up my senior essay on my gorgeous little Olivetti. Thanks for the reminder!

Marcia Rosen said...

I love this, had a Smith Corona when I as a teenager...few short years ago::)) love the ads. Thanks for sharing,
Marcia Rosen

HonoluLou said...

Awesome ads! I remember as a clerk-typist in the U.S. Air Force (circa 1971) using many of these machines. I could stop a typo midstream better than I can today on my laptop (haha). Great Post, thank you.