Tuesday, June 6, 2023

THE MARLOW MURDER CLUB: Mystery TV on Masterpiece PBS

has announced the co-commissioning of the TV adaptation of Robert Thorogood’s hit novel 
The Marlow Murder Clubalongwith UKTV. Airing in four parts on PBS, the series will star Samantha Bond (Downton AbbeyHome Fires) who is joined by Jo Martin (Doctor Who,Back to Life), Cara Horgan (The SandmanTraitors) and Natalie Dew (SandylandsThe Capture).
The story follows retired archaeologist Judith Potts (Bond) who lives alone in a faded mansion in the peaceful town of Marlow. During one of her regular wild swims in the Thames, she hears a gunshot coming from a neighbor’s garden and believes a brutal murder has taken place. When the police are reluctant to believe her story, she finds herself forming an unlikely friendship with local dog-walker and empty-nester Suzie (Martin) and unfulfilled vicar’s wife Becks (Horgan) as they start an investigation of their own.

Stay tuned for more news!!


Priscilla Royal said...

Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Thanks for alert!

Anonymous said...

When will it air in US?

Janet Rudolph said...

No air date yet, but since it's in production, I would think about a year (2024?).. Sorry, that's all the information PBS sent.. but it included cast (with photos).. so it will happen!