Friday, August 4, 2023


The Lincoln Lawye
r, Season 2,  Part 2 with 5 more episodes dropped yesterday on Netflix. So glad, as I was waiting for the rest of the season. I'm a binger. 
 I really enjoy this series. I know there are flaws, but anything 'Michael Connelly' is good with me.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a legal mystery series, based on Michael Connelly's The Fifth WitnessManuel Garcia-Rulfo stars in this series from Emmy winner David E. Kelley. 

Storyline: Mickey Haller runs his law firm from the back seat of his Lincoln as he takes on LA’s biggest and smallest cases. In Season 1, Mickey was recovering from surgery and a subsequent pill addiction. When his colleague unexpectedly passed away, Mickey got back into the legal game, inheriting all of his cases. Working out of his car isn’t the only thing that sets him apart — Mickey takes family business to a whole new level as he works with his prosecutor ex-wife, Maggie (Neve Campbell), and his other ex-wife and assistant, Lorna (Becki Newton). 

In Season 2, based on the novel The Fifth Witness, has Mickey Haller expanding his business into foreclosure defense where he represents Lisa Trammell, who is accused of murdering a wealthy man. Mickey, despite suspecting his client's guilt, works to exonerate her. As the case progresses, Mickey discovers the victim's own illegal activities, leading to personal danger. 

Haven't seen Season 1 or the first 5 episodes of Season 2? All still available on Netflix.

And today Michael Connelly wrote on Twitter: 

The second half of The Lincoln Lawyer season two comes out today. Ironically, I’ll be on a picket line with the writers and some of the actors from the show. Ironic, because you can’t make a show like this without a team of people working in concert.

So we don't know the fate of Season 3 at this time.

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Claire M. Johnson said...

I really like this series. I think that Matt McConaughey did a good job of capturing the character in the first book (he has that swagger), but I think this new series makes Mickey Haller more vulnerable and therefore more to identify with. I like it a lot!