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Mystery Readers Journal: Murder Takes a Holiday (40:2)

Murder Takes a Holiday: Mystery Readers Journal 40:2

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Murder Takes a Holiday

Volume 40, No. 2, Summer 2024

Murder Takes a Holiday

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  • The Odd Travel Note: John le Carré on Mysteries Real and Fictional by Rona Bell
  • Death on the Water by Bev Hankins
  • Agatha Christie Rides the Rails by Bradley Friedman


  • Please Proceed to Your Gate—To Begin Your (Murderous) Journey by Cathy Ace
  • Monkey Business Meets the Flying Dutchman by Donna Andrews
  • Travel Writer’s Revenge: A Novel Way of “Booking” a Trip by Dawn M. Barclay (D.M. Barr)
  • Travel as Transition? Or Not? by Anne Louise Bannon
  • Wanderlust by Kimberly Belle
  • How I Learned to Write More Than Thirty Pages by Simon Brett
  • When Art Imitates Life by Sally Carpenter
  • On the Road Again by Taffy Cannon
  • A Fatal Fan Fest by Maya Corrigan
  • Too Many Deaths, Too Few Holidays by James R. Coggins
  • Haunted Ofu by John Enright
  • Holiday Time? No Lazing in the Sun for My Characters by Elizabeth Elwood
  • Nero Does Nero by Cordelia Biddle and Steve Zettler (aka Nero Blanc)
  • Crossword: Nero Does Nero 
  • Sun, Sand… and Sleuthing by Kate Fellowes
  • A Vacation at the Paris Exposition of 1900 by Dianne Freeman
  • A Killer on Board by Jan Gangsei
  • Murder on Vacation by Peter Heller
  • Murder Takes a Holiday in Caper Cove by Elle Jauffret
  • Mysteries Without Borders by Maria Hudgins
  • An Academic Brat Settles Down and Finds Her Paradise by Leslie Karst
  • Vacations and Holidays by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • A Detective Takes a Holiday by J. R. Lindermuth
  • Hot Grudge Crimes by Larry and Rosemary Mild
  • Never Go on Vacation with Miss Marple by Catherine Mack
  • From Action Scene to Ocean Liner by Edward Marston/Conrad Allen
  • A Golden Getaway with Raúl and Rita by Richie Narvaez
  • Murder Takes a Honeymoon by Neil Plakcy
  • Murder Takes a Lot of Holidays… by Josh Pachter
  • Creating the Vacation from Hell: The Origins of Devils Island by Midge Raymond
  • How Is Anyone Still Alive? by Philipp Schott
  • Have Pen, Will Travel by Tom Straw
  • Charlie Chan Takes a Holiday by John Swann
  • Crime Fiction and the Trip of a Lifetime by Leonie Swann
  • Someone Else’s Vacation by Sarah Stewart Taylor
  • Murder Across the Ocean by Charlene Wexler


  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Lucinda Surber, Lesa Holstine, Dru Ann Love
  • Crime for the Holidays by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • Crime Seen: Vacation Video by Kate Derie
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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