Monday, June 17, 2024


Last night was a great night on PBS. Besides Season 2 of DI Ray and Season 9 of Grantchester, there was Season 3 of Professor T. This is the British version of Professor T. You can watch on PBS (real time), PBS Passport, or PBS Masterpiece. In the new series, Professor T is in jail awaiting trial. As the professor struggles to get his old life and job back, he is helped by Dan and Lisa who again rely on his brilliant criminal insight and analysis to solve tricky and intriguing crimes. It's a really quirky series. Professor T, played by Ben Miller, is obsessed with cleanliness, structure, and order. He's a genius at solving crimes, but doesn't have much time for people. 

Good News: Season 4 has begun filming.

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CarolK said...

Yes, quite a night for PBS. I was so excited for the new season of Grantchester, and it delivered. As I was just about to switch to another PBS gem, up popped Professor T, Season 3. If you were watching Season 2, you were left on a cliff hanger. Even thought reviews rated this series highly, I did not think it was for me. Was I ever wrong. Taking a chance I watched one episode and was hooked. I liken this to "Don't judge a book by its cover". If you haven't watched this series starring Ben Miller, as Professor T, give it a try and thank Janet for keeping us up to date on the best of streaming mystery.