Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gladys Mitchell Mysteries Reissued

Just had news that Minnow Press (UK) is reissuing the classic detective novels of Gladys Mitchell. The Worsted Viper is the latest out from Minnow Press. Others in the series: Printer's Error and Brazen Tongue. I'm a big fan of Gladys Mitchell, a Golden Age writer of crime fiction. I don't think her books are dated; rather, they evoke a by-gone era. Good plotting, strong characters and suspense.

Several other publishers are bringing back the books of Gladys Mitchell. Look for When Last I died (1941), Tom Brown's Body (1949), and The Saltmarsh Murders (1932) coming from Vintage Press in April 2009. The Longer Bodies (1930) will be out from Rue Morgue Press.

For more information on Gladys Mitchell, go to The Stone House, a Gladys Mitchell Tribute site. Rue Morgue also has a wonderful essay on their site about Gladys Mitchell.

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