Friday, January 2, 2009

Mystery Readers News

Just a reminder that the local Mystery Readers International bookgroup (East Bay) will be reconvening next Tuesday, January 6, in Berkeley. Everyone welcome--even if you're just passing through San Francisco. List of Books for Book Group starting with K.C. Constantine's The Man Who Like Slow Tomatoes.

At Homes (Literary Salons): In addition to our regular Tuesday night book group, we host visiting authors. Coming up: Peter Robinson, Ona Russell, Judy Greber (Gillian Roberts), Leighton Gage--all in February.

March: Left Coast Crime on the Big Island of Hawaii, 7-12, 2009. Check out Toby's Blog: Say Aloha to Murder for tips on what to bring, where to go, car rentals, restaurants, etc.

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Margaret said...

How I wish I could be there for the group discussion of K C. Constantine's "The Man Who Grew Slow Tomatoes." Constantine is fabulous, and if anyone of your readers has missed him, they should give themselves a New Years present and go find a Constantine book -- any of them will do although it probably helps to start with an early one.