Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Murders!

Ah, Mother's Day. I think for me the most famous mystery-related mother is the 'Mother' in Psycho. I put together a Mother's Day list. I'm sure I left off a few, and I tried to focus on books that were about the holiday. If I listed all the mysteries and crime fiction with famous and infamous mothers, the list would be enormous.

How to Murder Your Mother-in-Law by Dorothy Cannell
Murder Can Upset Your Mother by Selma Eichler
Murder for Mother: Short Story collection, edited by Martin Greenberg
Murder Superior by Jane Haddam
The Mother’s Day Murder by Lee Harris
Mother’s Day by Patricia Macdonald
Mother’s Day Murder by Leslie Meier
Mom, Apple Pie & Murder: A collection of New Mysteries for Mother’s Day, edited by Nancy Pickard
Mother’s Day: A Novel of Suspense by Joshua Quittner and Michelle Slatalla

And a new book by the mystery author of the Mommy-Track mysteries, Ayelet Waldman, although not a mystery itself, is Bad Mother: Chronicle of Maternal Crime.

Want to do something nice for your Mother on Mother's Day? Give her some great mysteries or... my other passion, chocolate. Check out DyingforChocolate for great recipes, thoughts, reviews and chocolate - related info.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the Martin Greenberg anthology MURDER FOR MOTHER, with a story by me!

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Bill. Mea culpa! I'll update the list.