Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mystery Fanfare Update: Ken Bruen, Movies, Memorial Day

I love just about everything Ken Bruen writes, and when I read Once Were Cops I couldn't help but see it unfold as a movie. Every scene was ripe for Hollywood. So I wasn't surprised to see that Hollywood has optioned it and is actually working on bringing it to the big screen. Hat Tip to The Rap Sheet and Garbhan Downey. See Garbhan's review here.

I hope they do a good job with it and are able to capture the sneers, the violence, and the great characterizations. Not sure whom I would cast.

Not every--or should I say most- authors are happy with film adaptations, especially when they're cut out of the screen writing process. Here's a Great List of 13 Authors and their comments, including crime writers Clive Cussler, Brian Garfield and James Ellroy. Be sure and read them all. Hope Ken will be pleased.

As an update to my Memorial Day list of Mysteries, The Rap Sheet points to B.V. Lawson's Reference to Murder column from a few years ago that had a lengthy list of mysteries with military veterans or books written by military veterans to read on Memorial Day. It's never to late to read these mysteries.

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Ken Bruen said...

My Dear Janet
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