Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bacon as Book mark found in library book

O.k. many of you know that I also have the chocolate blog DyingforChocolate.com, and I often blog about chocolate and bacon, but this takes the cake. Serious Eats reported this story from The Argus (UK) last week. Apparently a rasher (slice or piece in the US) of bacon was found in a returned book by a Worthing librarian.

The article goes on to site other oddities found in second-hand and library books by artist Dan Thompson over the past decade. His collection includes ephemera dating back to the 1940s including family photographs, concert tickets, postcards, maps lottery tickets and more. His 'collection' is on view at the Worthing main library.

Here's a fun article on "The Legend of the Bacon Bookmark" on BiblioBuffet. Apparently, it's not so uncommon, and it's well documented.

Library staff on librarian discussion lists often share stories about unusual bookmarks. Check out this list and this article.

This is not a kosher practice. So what's the oddest object you've ever found in a book?


JournoMich said...

I love the smell of books. I take a deep breath every time I open a new one, and I can't imagine breathing in the smell of bacon! Books should be worn out with love, not food...To each his own...
Michele Emrath

Susan M. Bell said...

Yeah, the bacon thing is just wrong. The best thing I ever found in a book was a card with a beautifully written note from a woman to her partner. It was so sweet and romantic.