Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Club Truths

I've been in the same mystery book club for more years than many of you have been around. We meet every Tuesday night from September through June. We meet at my home, so it's easy for me to get there every Tuesday. Most of the members have been in the group for years, too, but we always find new people. We have our own rules, and sometime soon I'll elucidate. Every book club is different. I love mine.

I follow The Inkwell Bookstore Blog because it has great postings, lots of links to other bookish blogs and "Inkwellian" links. Today on The Inkwell Bookstore Blog "Your second (maybe third?) choice for Daily Book News, Reviews, Praise & Slander" there was a list of 7 Basic, Bilious Book Club Truths. Thought people might find this amusing or spot on. Feel free to add comments.

1. He who talks first never read the book.

2. No matter how long you give your members to read the book, 99% will finish it on book club night.

3. You want zero members to drop out? Provide free food. You want to attract new members? Provide free booze.

4. At the first meeting, make it a rule: We are not here to point out minor editing errors. Save that sh*t for your OCD self-help group.

5. Relying on the 'Book Club Questions' at the back of a book is like using fortune cookie quotes for dinner conversation -- dull and uninspired.

6. If an established author visits, one member will inevitably tell them what they could've/should've done differently with the book. This same member will later try to pimp their manuscript.

7. Last but not least, book clubs are like any other club -- they need some sort of leadership. If your members disagree, make the next book club pick Lord of the Flies...and bring a pig's head to the meeting.

The 'club books not seals' tee is available HERE.


Sue T. said...

Janet, this is interesting because it's so UNlike our book group! I'm always astonished that so many people read the books weeks ahead of time (I'm definitely the one finishing up as I eat lunch on Tuesday afternoon...) and I think we are all incredibly respectful of visiting authors, even those who weren't impressed with the book. I definitely agree with #5 and #7, though. I'm glad we have you as a leader!

vallerose said...

These are terrific.I laughed out loud at #4 and 7 although certain of our members do point out grammar mistakes. But we are never rude to visiting authors.