Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hallopaloozza Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween Blog Scavenger Hunt

25 Blog Stops
Follow the Clues
Solve the Mystery
Win Great Prizes

Mystery Fanfare is Stop #21. You'll want to read all the Clues on all the Participating Blogs in Order to Solve A Halloween Ball Mystery. And, you'll win great prizes for solving the mystery...and other prizes along the way. I'll be giving away a year's subscription to the Mystery Readers Journal. Leave a comment on Mystery Fanfare's Hallopalooza page during Hallopalooza to be in the running for that prize. Solve the Mystery, and you have a chance for even more prizes. Be sure and read each blog, scroll back, get the flavor of the blog, and then read all the clues!

If you're entering Hallopalooza here at Mystery Fanfare for the first time, you'll want to go back and start at The Stilletto Gang. If you're here for Clue #21, read on:

Mystery Fanfare – post 21

"So who killed Carla?" Milla leaned back in her bubble bath and closed her eyes. She only had a few more hours to solve the mystery or she wasn't going to get paid. G. Winston Howard had hired her to discover the killer before the weekend was over.

She reached out her hand and fumbled for the box of chocolates, sitting on the tiled area bordering her jetted tub. Placing one delicate morsel in her mouth, she let the sweetness flow over her tongue.

Why does anyone commit murder?

She ticked off the reasons: love, money, power, rage …

What else? Despite Steven McCall's hint of an affair between G. Winston Howard and Carla Jordan, she hadn't found any evidence of it. The only emotion that seemed to be associated with Carla was anger. She hadn't found anyone who liked the woman. So love probably wasn't the motive.

Milla picked up another chocolate, holding it as she considered the options. It had to be the old stand bys – money and power. Rage was probably just a bonus – nobody was mourning the late Carla Jordan. Who needed money? Who wanted power? Who did Carla threaten to expose?

The chocolate melted on her fingers. She tossed the gooey candy back in the box just as her cell phone rang. Startled she grabbed the side of the tub, her fingers leaving marks. Ignoring the phone she looked at her hand, her scratched fingers, like Carla's, leaving a message.

Next Clue Location - Poe's Deadly Daughters


Savannah said...

This is an interesting plot and fun.

CA Verstraete said...

Love the story so far! Happy Halloween!
chris ATcverstraeteDOTcom

DarcyO said...

This is fun! Hope I can solve it!

dlodden at frontiernet dot net

PK the Bookeemonster said...

Oooh, a bath with chocolates sounds wonderful.
PK the Bookeemonster

Julie Godfrey Miller said...

I don't think I.m any further with this case than when I started.

jagmiller5 at gmail dot com

Edith Maxwell said...

Getting complicated!

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Unknown said...

Nice cliffhanger on this post!


Anna Eastover said...

The chocolate melts, and the plot thickens.
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Unknown said...

This is so much fun and a great way to see some new blogs!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate in the bathtub - now that sounds like fun.

Helen Kiker

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog archive! I think I’ve got a who and a why, but not a how. Thanks for your participation in Hallopalooza!

brizmus said...

4 clues left and still I have no idea!


pennyt said...

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to solve the mystery, but I'm sure having fun.

Char said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one that hasn't figure it out yet!! This is a very intriguing mystery!!

Thanks for the fun day!!!

M. said...

I am hopeless as a mystery solver!

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kaisquared said...

MMmmmm chocolate body paint....?

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Janet Rudolph said...

Forgot to post on my blog that it's so perfect to have chocolate in my clue. After all, I blog at:

Unknown said...

Solving crimes is hard work.

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ElJay said...

This story has sucked me write in :-)