Friday, December 11, 2009

Chanukah (Hanukkah) Mysteries

As I mentioned last year when I did my Chanukah round-up, there aren't a lot of Chanukah mysteries, probably because it's really a minor holiday on the Jewish calendar. However I have a short list with a few more books than last year.

Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle (mostly about Christmas but Hanukah is mentioned)
Festival of Deaths by Jane Haddam
Chanukah Guilt by Ilene Schneider

Children's Hanukah Mysteries:
Rabbi Rocketpower and the Mystery of the Missing Menorahs - A
Hanukkah Humdinger! by Rabbi Susan Abramson and Aaron Dvorkin and Ariel DiOrio

Mystery Short Stories:
"Mom Lights a Candle" by James Yaffe, appeared in Mystery: The Best of 2002, ed. by Jon L. Breen.
For more info on Jewish short story mysteries, check out Steven Steinbock who blogs on Criminal Brief, the Mystery Short Story Web Log Project.

Mystery Games:
Here's a children's software mystery game: Who Stole Hanukkah? offered in five languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, French and Spanish
Other Games for Children: The Case of the Stolen Menorah: An Enlightening Hanukkah Mystery

So not a lot in the Chanukah Mystery category, but if you like chocolate, check out my blog DyingforChocolate on Chocolate + Chanukah: From Gelt to Recipes. Have a great holiday.


Jamie said...

What fun! I have actually read a couple of these books! Must look for the others.

Janet Rudolph said...

Jamie, if you come across any other titles, let me know. Thanks

The Mystery Bookstore said...

Thanks, Janet! I've felt woefully inadequate for some of our Jewish customers. I did suggest to Lee and Tod Goldberg that they should write a Hanukah crime novel. . .
The Mystery Bookstore

Janet Rudolph said...

Linda, what a great idea. Lee & Tod are perfect to write one .. or two...