Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barbecue Mysteries

Today on my Chocolate blog,, I posted a recipe for Chocolate Barbecue Sauce. Got me thinking about all the ways one could murder someone at a barbecue, from the sauce to the skewers to the grill. So I've put together a shortlist of Barbecue Mysteries. Let me know if I've forgotten any!

Barbecue Mysteries

Delicious and Suspicious by Riley Adams
Several of the recent Dan Rhodes books by Bill Crider
Murder at the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival by Gene Davis
Finger Lickin' Fifteens by Janet Evanovich
The King is Dead by Sarah Shankman
Stiffs and Swine by J.B. Stanley
Revenge of the Barbecue Queens by Lou Jane Temple

Short Stories: "Gored" by Bill Crider in Murder Most Delicious

Want a little more chocolate on the barbecue? Check out my recipe for S'mores on the Grill and Banana Boats.


mybillcrider said...

The most recent Dan Rhodes books all have a bbq mention in them, thanks to a new restaurant that's opened in Clearview. And then there's "Gored," my story in "Murder Most Delicious."

Janet Rudolph said...

Mea..culpa, and I'll add them. Thanks.

Lois said...

My favorite Sarah Shankman book, The King is Dead, mostly takes place at a barbecue cookoff in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Lois, and I've added it to the list.

Barb Goffman said...

It's not typically thought of as a mystery, but Fried Green Tomatoes had a murder and a trial and the mystery of who the murderer was and what happened to the victim's body. And there was a whole lot of BBQ going on in the book, too. Secret's in the sauce.

Anonymous said...

You may also enjoy my new thriller, Barbecue by A.E.H. Veenman. An annual neighborhood cookout in an opulent suburb of Houston creates the perfect distraction for murder. I hope you add my title to your list. Thank you!