Thursday, October 21, 2010

Michael Connelly Bouchercon Interview

How great to finally meet @popculturenerd, one of my twitter friends. Saw her filming several of the big interviews, and I was so pleased to see the Michael Connelly interview on YouTube today. 

Gregg Hurwitz interviews Michael Connelly in this interview filmed last weekend at Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention.


Kiwicraig said...

Thanks for the heads-up Janet. Two terrific authors, who I've had the privilege of meeting/interviewing myself in the past year or so.

Would have been a very cool event (one of many at what sounded like an excellent Bouchercon).

Janet Rudolph said...

It was! The interview with Denise Mina and Val McDermid was brilliant, too, and that was also filmed. Can't wait for it to appear on YouTube. Should be up soon.

Pop Culture Nerd said...

Hi Janet,

I'm glad I got to meet you! Thanks for posting my video here. The Mina/McDermid interview was brilliant and will be up soon.

Janet Rudolph said...

Hope to see you in Santa Fe! Need to say more than hi!