Saturday, October 23, 2010

Terrifying Halloween Gadgets

MSN's Sean Fallon reports on 10 Terrifying Halloween Gadgets. Perfect for the Halloween Series I've been posting! Here are two of them, but be sure and check them all out.

Electronic Serial Killer Shower Curtain
This shower curtain plays the "Psycho" theme music and then the screaming starts. The audio clips are activated by both sound and motion. Perfect for relatives who stay too long. Anyone in the shower will want to get out as fast as possible. $19.98 ( Things You Never Knew Existed via Nerd Approved)

Skullhub USB
Not an actual skull, this is a 4-port USB hub and knick knack holder designed to look like a skull.  $24.99 ( Think Geek via CubicleBot)

Read the entire list HERE.


Mason Canyon said...

Now the shower curtain is priceless. I don't think anyone who has ever saw Psycho has gotten into a shower without recalling that scene.

Thoughts in Progress

vallerose said...

I'll go with the skull. The shower curtain creeps me out. The rest of the list was fascinating. I might think about the vortex tunnel.