Monday, February 28, 2011

Bogart & Bacall at the Oscars


kathy d. said...

A fantastic personal treat is to rewatch the four movies which starred Bogart and Bacall, which also made quite clear that they were smitten with each other:

The Big Sleep
To Have and Have Not (where they met)
Dark Passages
Key Largo

When you deserve to treat yourself, watch these movies.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs. The Rap Sheet gave a link to a memorable interview this week in Vanity Fair. Lauren Bacall's incisive insight into her life and the directness of her self-honesty reverberates.

What a lady. And how many have toasted her in giving 'what for' to the lout who barged into her at her physio's door after she'd got it together to make a visit after a recent fall. Spirit indominatable.