Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweetheart Sleuths: a List

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I'm posting a list of Sweetheart Sleuths compiled by Ruth Greiner. I've added a few 'couples', and I'm sure you have more. Make a comment, and I'll update the list. In the meantime, have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

SWEETHEART SLEUTHS compiled by Ruth Greiner

Alexander, Tasha: Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves
Allen, Conrad:  Genevieve Masefield and George Dillman Porter
Allingham, Margery:  Albert Campion and Amanda Pontisbright
Arnold, Margot:  Tobias Glendower and Penelope Spring
Bell, Albert:  Michael Harrington and Corie Foster
Billheimer, John: Owen Allison and ex-wife Judith
Borthwick, J. S.:  Sarah Dean and Alex McKenzie
Bowen, Michael: Rep and Melissa Pennyworth
Burke, Jan: Irene Kelly and Frank Harriman
Carlson, P. M. Maggie and Nick Ryan
Chappell, Helen Holly and Sam Westcott
Charles, Kate Lucy Kingsley and David Middleton-Brown
Christie, Agatha Tommy and Tuppence Beresford
Cockey, Tim Hitchcock Sewell and ex-wife Julia Finney
Craig, Alisa Dittany Henbit and Osbert Monk, Madoc and Jane Rhys
Crombie, Deborah Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James
Curzon, Claire Mike Yeadings and Rosemary Zyczynski
Davis, Krista Sophie Winston, domestic diva, and Detective Wolf
Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum and Joe Morelli—or Ranger—or Diesel—or not
Finch, Charles: Charles Lennox and Lady Jane Grey
Gordon, Alan Jester Feste and wife Viola, late of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”
Greenwood, Kerry: Corinna Chapman and Daniel Cohen
Granger, Ann Alan Markby and Meredith Mitchell
Haddam, Jane Gregor Demarkian and Bennis Hannaford (this one’s a stretch)
Ham, Lorie Alexandra Waters and Stephen Carlucci
Hammett, Dashiell Nick and Nora Charles
Handler, David Mitch Berger and state policewoman Desiree Mitry
Harrington, Jonathan C. J. and Bridge
Hart, Carolyn Max and Annie Darling
Iakovou, Takis and Judy Nick and Julia Lambro
Kellerman, Faye Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus
Kelly, Susan B. Alison Hope and Nick Trevelyan
Kelner, Toni L. P. Laurie Ann and Richard Fleming
Kenney, Susan Roz Howard and Alan Stewart
King, Laurie R. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
Levinson, R. S. Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner
Lindquist, N. J. Paul Manziuk and Jacqueline Ryan
Lockridge, Frances and Richard Pam and Jerry North
Lupoff, Richard Hobart Lindsay and Marvia Plum
MacLeod, Charlotte Max and Sarah Kelling Bittersohn, Peter and Helen Shandy
McBride, Susan Maggie Ryan and John Phillips
McCafferty, Barbara Taylor & Herald, Beverly: Bert & Nan Tatum
McDermid, Val: Tony Hill and Carol Jordan
McGown, Jill Chief Inspector Danny Lloyd, Inspector Judy Hill
Marsh, Ngaio: Roderick Alleyn and Agatha Troy
Matthews, Alex Cassidy McCabe, Zack
Maxwell, A. & E. Fiora and Fiddler
Moyes, Patricia Emmie and Henry Tibbetts
Newman, Sharan Catherine Levendeur and husband Edgar
Paige, Robin Charles and Kate Sheridan
Palmer, Stuart Hildegarde Withers and Inspector Piper
Pears, Iain Flavia Di Stefano and Jonathan Argyle
Perry, Anne Thomas and Charlotte Pitt
Peters, Elizabeth Amelia Peabody and Radcliffe Emerson, Ramses and Nefret,Vicky Bliss and John Smith
Pickard, Nancy Jenny Cain and Geoffrey Bushfield
Pomidor, Bill Drs. Calista and Plato Marley
Raybourn,  Deanna: Nichloas Brisbane and Lady Julia Grey
Rozan, S. J. Bill Smith and Lydia Chin
Rubino, Jane Cat Austen and Victor Cardenas
Sale, Medora John Sanders and Harriet Jeffries
Saulnier, Beth Alex Bernier and Brian Cody
Sayers, Dorothy L. Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane
Schumacher, Aileen Tory Peters and David Alvarez
Smith, Charles Merrill Reverend Con Randollph and Samantha Stack
Thompson, Victoria: Sarah Brandt and Detective Frank Molloy
Whitney, Polly Ike and Abby
Wilhelm, Kate Charlie Meiklejohn and Constance Leidl
Wright, L. R. Karl Alberg, RCMP, and Cassandra Mitchell


Jerry House said...

Craig Rice - Jake and Helene Justis

Susan C Shea said...

Dani and Dickie are ex-sweethearts who haven't quite broken free of each others' orbits and who do get into the middle of murder together. (MURDER IN THE ABSTRACT)

Heather Louise said...


Cleo Coyle said...

Wonderful list (lol on the Evanovich entry). I'd like to offer my own sleuthing sweethearts for consideration: Penelope Thornton McClure and Jack Shepard, ghost PI, from The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries, which I write with my husband under the name Alice Kimberly. Happy Valentine's Day!

Meg said...

Don't forget Cleo Coyle's wonderful Coffeehouse Mystery series - with Clare Cosi and Detective Mike Quinn plus the ex-hub, Matt Allegro.

susied said...

This is a great reference list. Thanks for posting it!

kathy d. said...

Lydia Chin and Bill Smith are romantic? I've read nearly all of that series, and I thought they danced around romantic involvement, but never got too involved.

Can someone fill me in?

Clark Lohr said...

Thanks for the couples list. re: my own agenda: Manny Aguilar, the hero of my first crime novel (Devil's Kitchen, out on the Oak Tree Press label later this year), definitely needs compassionate female supervision and his girlfriend, Reina, provides it. I love the Nick and Nora model and I need to read more couples crime fiction.

L.J. Sellers said...

It would also be fun to see a list of real-life, crime-writing couples, such as Tasha Alexander & Andrew Grant, and Jonathan & Faye Kellerman, etc.

Unknown said...

What about J. D. Robb's Roarke & Eve Dallas? Don't they count??