Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peter Lovesey's Peter Diamond Bath TV series?

The Bath Chronicle reports:  
Production companies are being wooed in a campaign to persuade them to turn a series of detective novels set in Bath into a TV series. Tourism bosses are hoping that author Peter Lovesey's Bath detective Peter Diamond might follow in the footsteps of Oxford's Inspector Morse. Mr Lovesey will be in Bath next week to launch his latest novel Stagestruck, which is set at the Theatre Royal, and to reveal more details about the hopes of a TV series.

Marketing body Future Bath Plus has taken out an option on the series, which means it has first refusal on negotiating with production companies to get the filming off the ground. It is working with Bath-based director Giles Foster, who has been involved with series such as Foyle's War and The Four Seasons, which was shot in the city a few years ago.

Although the plans are still in the early stages, Mr Lovesey, the author of 11 books about Det Supt Diamond who is based at Manvers Street police station, said he was hopeful that a series would go ahead. Lovesey said: "If it happens then of course I would be over the moon, really thrilled.
"With all these things, we don't believe it will really happen until they actually start the filming. There have been a few disappointments all the way along, where things have seemed like they will happen, but this time it does seem to be looking promising. "They are putting a proposal together and it is looking good to me. I will be thrilled if it comes to something this time."


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Yvette said...

I love this series. It's perfect for television. I can see it now. And Bath is the perfect location. What's not to like? Dare I say this? It seems logical.

LJ Roberts said...

I should love to see this happen. It's such a great series.

Anonymous said...

It would be perfect for TV the stories and characterisation are brilliant. I can't wait to watch it so hurry up and make it.