Friday, September 30, 2011

Spy Video Devices: Sunglasses

If you're like me, you always wanted a Dick Tracy communicator watch. O.K. now you have one. But what about the tiny little cameras that the spy used to take photos of secret documents. Check. They're available, too, to the general public at a minimal cost. But what about video cameras? Most smart phones and cameras shoot video, but what if you want to be clandestine? Now the common person has lots of choices. Here are a few different models of Spy Sunglasses. They take amazing video!

Try out these Cool Spy Bluetooth Camera Video Recorder DVR Sunglasses. For a better price, search the Internet.  I saw them for half the price at As always, be careful where you buy things on the Internet.

LOREXvue Video Recorder Sunglasses 
Want a little more pizzazz?  Mirror Sunglasses that say you're cool? Try these:

CECT VR2031 Spy Sunglasses with Undetectable Video Lens

Want to make your own?  Check out this video.

The future is now!


Kelly Robinson said...

Cool, but it creeps me out a little that these exist. We busted a guy at our bookstore who was taking pictures up the skirts of ladies who were reaching for books. The pervs could get a lot of use out of these.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a perv could use these by wearing them and recording while looking up a girl's skirt. LOL