Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writing Duo Charles Todd Speaking at National World War I Museum

New York Times bestselling writing duo, Charles Todd, will speak at the National World War I Museum (Kansas City, MO) on Tuesday, September 20th at 7 PM CDT. The event will be broadcast online live from the museum at the following link: http://www.livestream.com/charlestodd

Charles Todd will discuss how investing in research has made possible two outstanding series with two individually unique characters. Both Ian Rutledge, a Scotland Yard Inspector who has returned from fighting and suffers from shellshock, and Bess Crawford, a young nurse serving in The Great War, offer readers a chance to revisit a pivotal event of the Twentieth Century. Sometimes it is fiction that makes a period more accessible to the casual reader and yet offers a student of the era a new perspective.

Their latest novel, A Bitter Truth, is wonderful. Love the characters, history, and plotting. Terrific send of time and place!

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