Monday, June 18, 2012

Mistresses of Mystery: Christie & Marsh

I think Robin from Aunt Agatha's Mystery Bookstore in Ann Arbor posted this on Facebook awhile ago. Love it.  Dame Agatha Christie and Dame Ngaio Marsh: Mistresses of Mystery. Probably in the 50s..


Howard Sherman said...

I shivered as I looked at the picture in the same way someone might be moved by looking at the Mona Lisa for the very first time. Legends all!

andiesenji said...

Wonderful photo. I was reading those mysteries back then, along with other genre. It would have been so terrific to have met them.
I was thrilled when I met my favorite food writer Mary Frances (M.F.K.) Fisher in 1974. And I've met a couple of contemporary mystery authors but those two ladies were very special.

vallerose said...

This is a wonderful keepsake. Love the gloves that Dame Marsh is wearing.