Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fabulous Library Cats

I have posted bookstore cats before, but never Library Cats. Once again my favorite site, Flavorwire, has posted photos of Famous and Fabulous Library Cats. I'm posting two, but be sure and check them all out.

TLC (Top Library Cat)
TLC (Top Library Cat). This kitty lives at Broken Bow Public Library in Nebraska. The library is lucky enough to have a fireplace, where TLC camps out during the chilly winter months. Notice he's reading Lilian Jackson Braun. He likes cat books!

Sir Eli
Eli is a fluffy Ragdoll cat (with a resemblance to my own Barclay). He hangs out at  Los Robles Elementary School Library twice a week to keep watch over the kids. He's a total marshmallow, docile and tolerant of tiny hands. Eli can often be seen in the school nurse’s office comforting sick children. Owner, librarian Marily Barsaleau, also takes Sir Eli to hospitals and hospices to charm patients.


Joe Barone said...

Our cat is shy. If she were a library cat, she'd hide behind the books.

vallerose said...

I love the way Sir Eli is holding the page for the girl. Maybe libraries could have a read to the ct program the same as for dogs. Lovely photo.

Howard Sherman said...

As a lovrr of cats and books all of my life I wonder why I haven't heard of library cats before. The two go perfectly together! Thanks for the warm post and great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Himalayans would also be wonderful cats for small children, as they are incredibly accepting, docile and layed back. Our Oliver has been the best cat growing up with my daughter. He allows pulling of his tail, endless petting of his fur and just loves to be around people. Such a great breed.