Friday, May 31, 2013

School Library Posters

O.K. I've posted many different School Library Posters over the years, but this is one of the weirder ones. What do you think?


Kay said...

Really strange! Why is the girl tied up? Don't think this would be allowed today, lol!

Janet Rudolph said...

And looks like he's figuring out the kind of knot rather than releasing her, Kay!

Maeve Maddox said...

Edie at called my attention to the school poster you refer to. Here's my take:

The poster is totally inappropriate for a school or public library. It reflects the unfortunate U.S. acceptance and even admiration of crime and criminals. You see this attitude in TV series like Sopranos and Dexter. It's in the advertising--I recall a pistachio ad that showed a gangster breaking the nuts with a man's head, a clothing ad that featured a police line-up, and one with Joan Rivers trying to get some product as if it were an illegal substance and suggesting that she was willing to prostitute herself in order to get it. You see it in headlines that use words like "bust" for" arrest" or "police raid", "tout" for "promote", etc.