Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eddie Muller, the Czar of Noir, returns to TCM

Eddie Muller returns to Turner Classic Movies this June with a series of Noir Films. "The Czar of Noir" will be hosting TCM's "Friday Night Spotlight," presenting 16 movies over four nights, all highlighting the work of seminal or significant noir writers.

Muller, who was TCM host Robert Osborne's guest this past January for "A Night in Noir City," was asked by the network to solo-host a monthly installment of its new "Spotlight" feature, in which a guest host both programs and presents thematically linked films. The segments were recorded in March at TCM headquarters in Atlanta—and it should be no surprise that Muller tilled his usual noir terrain, aiming his spotlight at writers Dashiell Hammett, David Goodis, James M. Cain, Jonathan Latimer, Raymond Chandler and Cornell Woolrich.

The shows air June 7th (Hammett), 14th (Goodis), 21st (Latimer and Cain) and 28th (Woolrich and Chandler).  For TCM schedule, go HERE.


Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Oooh, thanks for the heads-up!! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

These movies are gritty good!
So intense,with great musical scores!