Sunday, October 12, 2014

The "Coolest" Hotels in Every State

Thrillist has compiled a list of the 'coolest' Hotel in Every State. You have to see them all. Makes me want to travel! Stay in Grand Hotels, helicopters, caves, trailers, wigwams, lighthouses, railroad cars and more...all incredibly COOL. As Matt Meltzer says in the intro, "we tried to figure out just how each state would define cool, and then applied that spirit to their hotels. In the end, we came up with what we think is each state's coolest, most emblematic hotel. Or we were wildly off. You decide."

Here are two that are very apt for this blog. Have a look at all of them, here.

Massachusetts: The Liberty Hotel, Boston.

A mere 24 years ago, if you said you were spending a night at 215 Charles Street, it meant someone was gonna have to bail you out in the morning. The former Charles Street Jail, which opened in the 1850s (and closed in 1990), was completely overhauled into a luxe, 298-room granite masterpiece, complete with 19 rooms that're actually IN a former cell block. It also maintains five bars and restaurants, including Alibi, which's situated in what used to be the overnight holding area for folks who had a few too many. 

New York: Library Hotel, New York, NY

This list is of the coolest, not the grandest. So please try and keep your head from exploding because the Plaza, or the Waldorf, or the Essex House isn’t here. But this place is themed around the Dewey Decimal system (!!), something that takes a lot more thought than crystal chandeliers. Each floor is centered on a different category of the system, with each room containing a collection of books that explain some aspect of said category. So you can learn while you’re on vacation! Or read nothing and just walk outside to see New York City. Either way, if you like books and/or watching front desk clerks slyly flirt with bashful bookworm guests, this could be your favorite hotel in the world.



Sue Trowbridge said...

Joe and I have stayed at the Library Hotel! It is a beautiful hotel in a great location -- quite pricey, though.

Lilly said...

I feel you, Sue! But there is nothing cheap in NYC!

Adele Gutman said...

Please come in January! We have rates starting at $200 per night plus tax including over $200 worth of freebies, such as our continental breakfast buffet, a 3 hour wine and cheese reception each evening, free wifi, bottled spring water, free passes to the NY Sports Club.