Saturday, October 18, 2014

US Tourist trapped in London bookstore: What could be bad?

In case you missed this story, a Texas tourist was in the Trafalgar Square London Waterstones on Thursday evening when he got locked in. He only went in to use their free Internet..perhaps there's a certain amount of justice there. He should have bought a book.

Although he set of the alarm trying to open the doors and spoke to a security guard and police via telephone, no one came to his aid. He ended up tweeting his way out. He posted on social media--Twitter and Instagram. Eventually the tweet was retweeted so many times that an employee saw it and went and let him out.

Three hours alone in a bookstore and all he wanted was out? Clearly he's not one of us!

Read the entire story here.

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Rick Robinson said...

They would have found me the next morning, asleep with a pile of books about me. Providing there was any light, of course.