Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Book Art

If you know me or read my blog, you know I don't like using books in art--defacing books, that is. However, sometimes books are just no longer readable--or they're full of mildew and bugs..or they're in the dumpster and can't be salvaged. Then, I guess I give using them in art a pass. Last weekend at the Bay Book Festival, I saw these two art works in a booth! I am so sorry that I didn't take the name of the artist. These were my favorites.

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Heidi Rand said...

The artist's name is Jim Rosenau, his company is called This Into That. He's in Berkeley, and his website is I love his work, it's so wonderful! The ultimate in upcycling, making useful and/or amazingly beautiful things out of books that would otherwise be recycled or go into landfill.