Monday, June 8, 2015

Mapback Monday: What Rhymes with Murder?

Mapback Monday: Jack Iams' What Rhymes with Murder? 
"When a lusty Lothario sings his serenade, romance rhymes with death!"

I love these Dell Mapbacks, don't you? This is #631. And, the price can't be beat! 25 cents!

From the 1950 Kirkus Review:  
City Editor Rockwell and his hard to woo and win Jane (of Do Not Murder Before Christmas) are again confronted by bodies when the Record is threatened by the new, mobminded owner of the Eagle and one of its imported gunsels killed. The murder of a radical, lecherous poet puts Rockwell hors de combat, endangers Jane and it is the Record's society editor Debbie who unmasks a jealous villain while Rockwell untangles the mobster's death. Two solutions to double-deading in a light touch, lover interest mystery.


annoxford said...

My copy of The Lady in the Tower (last Monday's Mapback) arrived today. Luckily it's a fairly good used copy and the map is great shape. Thank you, Janet, for posting that one. I like today's choice as well.

Becky Ross Michael said...

That's a great one, Janet!

I thought that I recognized the author and looked in my small mapback collection. "Death Draws the Line" (#457) is the one I have by Jack Iams, about a dead cartoonist and with a map including NYC on the back. My sister sparked my interest in mapbacks years ago. She eventually got rid of her collection to save space, but mine continues to (slowly) grow. Love those covers!

Becky Michael