Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Award Winning Crime Writer Marian Babson solves her own Crime

The Daily Mail reported last week that Mystery writer Ruth Stenstreem, who wrote 45 novels under the name Marian Babson, was able to solve her own crime after she discovered her caregiver stole 27,000 pounds from her bank account.

I first met Marian when she accompanied (took) me to a meeting of the Crime Writers Association in St. Albans (U.K.) in 1987. A long time London resident, Marian, a short animated powerhouse of a woman entertained me on the train and throughout the day. It was always my pleasure to catch up with her at mystery conventions. Murder on Show (Murder at the Cat Show) is an all time favorite.  Here's a link to her novels. I am sorry to hear she's ill, but glad to learn that she's still able to take care of business.

From the Daily Mail:

US-born novelist Ruth Stenstreem, 86, aka Marian Babson, is now suffering from dementia and wheelchair-bound at her flat near Farringdon in central London. She called in police after finding money had vanished - helping detectives identify the culprit as caregiver Vicky Stallon, 27, after telling them she often accompanied her on trips to withdraw cash. 

Read More of the story Here.

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