Tuesday, October 16, 2018

MIDNIGHT INK: Shutting its doors

Sad news. Terri Bischoff posted the news that Midnight Ink will be shutting its doors after the Spring/Summer 2019 season. Midnight Ink has published so many wonderful authors. I had the privilege to sit at their table at Left Coast Crime one year. What a great family! The demise of Midnight Ink is such a loss to the mystery community. Sending love and support to Terri and the other editors and staff at Midnight Ink.

More information to follow.


Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard said...

This is so sad! I've read some wonderful series from Midnight Ink.

Could you please post link to Terri Bischoff's post, or send me to a link via email? I've been trying to confirm, and I can't find her post. I don't doubt you, but I wanted to post this on the "News & Notes" segment of my blog, and I usually try to post the original source whenever I can. I'm finding lots of Facebook posts by affected authors, but can't find anything official.

Anonymous said...

Really can't understand this. Mysteries are more popular than ever!

Nancy Lynn Jarvis said...

This is such sad news.

juno said...

I love Midnight Ink. So sorry to hear this.