Saturday, October 6, 2018

MYSTERY BYTES: Interesting & Quirky News,Interviews, and More Mystery Related Postings

Here's a Round-Up of some interesting and quirky mystery-related articles, interviews, and postings on the Internet recently. Just wanted to share in case you missed them.

Val McDermid on how Josephine Tey opened up the possibility of unconventional secrets. CrimeReads.

Ian Rankin interview: The return of Rebus and examining murder in Sheffield - "It's still the most shocking crime imaginable." The Star.

Lamenting the Growing Length of Books. The Guardian.

Rachel Gould on The Hoax Art Movement That Fooled the Art World Establishment. Artsy Magazine.

Laurie Lowenstein writes about Mom & Pop Jails in America and the strange intimacies these setups created. CrimeReads.

Ever wanted to live in a Library? The 'secret' apartments in New York's early library buildings i

Sean Carswell on How the West Virginia mine wars inspired James M. Cain to become a crime Writer. The Los Angeles Review of Books

I'm a huge fan of Ravens, so I was definitely interested in this article on the pet ravens of Charles Dickens (and other writers). LitHub

Conserve the Sound is an online museum for preserving vanishing and endangered sounds such as typewriters, rotary phones, and more. Listen to them here.

Fancy a trip to the British countryside? Let these 14 mysteries be your guide. Charles Todd on 14 mystery series that serve as tour guides to the British countryside. CrimeReads

I loved Kate Atkinson's Transcriptions. Kate Atkinson talks with Daneet Steffens about her new spy novel and why she loves a good secret. CrimeReads. 

25 Writers on Writer's Block. LitHub

Looking for the best mystery sites? J. Kingston Pierce of The Rap Sheet lists his updated personal choices of mystery-related sites that deserve recognition. The list now runs to 95 sites. Something for everyone. TheRapSheet

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